IoT Security: Zigbee Alliance Driving New Standards in Today’s Market

By Brad Ree
Zigbee Alliance Security Advisory Group Chair
VP of IoT Security | Verimatrix
IoT security is nothing new to the Zigbee Alliance. We continue to evolve the protocol as it is applied to new markets, or new threats have been identified. Zigbee 3.0 provides the tools to form, operate, and update a network in a secure manor. The use of install codes during network formation has been a requirement for the Smart Energy protocol for years, and now has been added to the Zigbee 3.0 protocol. The install code provides a unique joining key between the device and the coordinator, such that the network key can only be received by the joining node. MORE

Removing Barriers to a Connected Market

By Tobin Richardson, President and CEO
ZigBee Alliance

Companies around the globe are working out the value propositions made possible by the rapid influx of connected devices. We always knew that the data value of billions of connected devices will be impressive and useful to companies, but what companies are still figuring out is how to deliver value today to different market segments like the home consumer, commercial building, industrial and many others. Iím proud to report that the ZigBee Alliance and its members stand side-by-side in this revolutionary stage of the market, and our membersí hard work on technical development and market relevance is paving the way for both these important elements of a truly connected market. MORE

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