Removing Barriers to a Connected Market

By Tobin Richardson, President and CEO
ZigBee Alliance

Companies around the globe are working out the value propositions made possible by the rapid influx of connected devices. We always knew that the data value of billions of connected devices will be impressive and useful to companies, but what companies are still figuring out is how to deliver value today to different market segments like the home consumer, commercial building, industrial and many others. I’m proud to report that the ZigBee Alliance and its members stand side-by-side in this revolutionary stage of the market, and our members’ hard work on technical development and market relevance is paving the way for both these important elements of a truly connected market.


The ZigBee Alliance’s membership is growing, including both long-time market leaders, and those with new market models and technology critical to advancing the networked economy. As an organization, we continue to adapt to ensure we are both delivering membership value, and most importantly, standards and certification programs that provide a market-relevant solution set.

The state of the ZigBee Alliance in 2016 has never been better. Together, we’ve made tremendous strides toward our collective goals – and continue to steer the industry to where it needs to go to achieve meaningful interoperability as the Internet of Things becomes of everyday value and interest.

As an Alliance, we’ll continue to collaborate, research, design and determine how to effectively fold together varying technologies from various continents. We’re made up of some of the largest and smallest, oldest and new companies in the industry. Working alongside each other, we’re swiftly advancing the wireless landscape, as evidenced in the many high points we’ve already hit as an Alliance this past year.

Our members are benefitting from new development tools, and we’ll continue to build on this with even more developer workshops in the coming months to really help inject more expertise in the market. We’ve added more resources in people and tools to support this in various parts of the globe, including most recently in China. If your company is trying to figure out what a ‘ZigBee’ is, and how to incorporate it in your product development suite, we have the right team to help you get started – or refine already existing product strategies.

With more than 240 certifications in the first half of 2016, we are on pace to have our biggest year yet. Smart energy and lighting are the strongest categories with commercial building, smart home and other segments set for even more growth in 2016 and 2017. These are all clear signs the market for ZigBee technology is healthy and growing at an accelerated pace.

This is buttressed by continued work to ensure seamless connectivity across a broader set of device types, platforms and market segments – work accomplished through our 3.0 initiative. Further, in keeping with the market’s focus on IP-based technologies, our members launched JupiterMesh, a neighborhood area network solution, and we’ll see continued work partnering or growing our IP-based networking stacks.

These all reflect the market’s growing investment in ZigBee technology, and a strong push to gain the multi-vendor interoperability critical to unlocking consumer benefits to really establish the base of the Internet of Things. Industry mergers showed us just how intense this period is, with major moves like the merging of NXP and Freescale, GE Current and Daintree Networks, Qorvo and GreenPeak, and Comcast and iControl Networks, to mention only a few. ZigBee standards are a key part of these industry initiatives and collaboration, and I’m so excited about what this holds for the future of the connected world. We use the slogan ‘Control Your World’, and this is a promise we are delivering on today, and into the years ahead. Truly, the ZigBee Alliance and its members are not only enjoying the fruit of this new market, we are together planting the seeds for really explosive growth. I hope you’ll find a way to take advantage of what our organization, the technology and most importantly our outstanding members have to offer in the connected world.

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ZA_TobinAbout the Author
Tobin serves as President and CEO of the ZigBee Alliance, leading the Alliance’s efforts to develop and promote world-leading open, global IoT standards. In this role, he works closely with the Alliance Board of Directors to set strategy and to advance the adoption of ZigBee standards around the globe.

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