Editorial Contact

Heather Williams
Associate Editor
800-803-9488 x129      720-528-3771 (fax)

Webcom Communications Corp.
7355 E. Orchard Road, Suite 100
Greenwood Village, CO 80111


Sending Files Electronically:

For files less than 5 mgs, send file via e-mail to the Production Manager. For files over 5 mgs, file can be uploaded to Webcom’s FTP site using a compatible FTP software program.

FTP Site Instructions:

  1. Please e-mail the Production Manager to indicate you are uploading a file. Include your company name, the file name, and that you are advertising in the ZigBee Resource Guide.
  2. With an ftp Client
    host name: www.infowebcom.com
    username: ads
    password: Webcom21
  3. Through Windows Explorer
    username: ads
    password: Webcom21

Production Manager
720-528-3770 ext 119